About This Quiche Recipe

This savory quiche recipe is made with a flaky, crispy all-butter pastry dough and filled with a custardy and silky quiche filling that you can customize with the mix-ins of your choice! The recipe contains lots of tips and tricks on how to make an easy pastry dough in a stand mixer, nail a crispy crust that doesn’t get soggy under the quiche filling, as well as ideas for different quiche flavors and ingredient combinations. Access the recipe by supporting Hummingbird High on Patreon. Learn more in the blog post!

Why You Should Make This Quiche Recipe

Here are all the reasons to make this quiche recipe:

This quiche recipe contains unique techniques to make a foolproof pastry dough that stays crispy and doesn’t get soggy under the filling.

This quiche recipe is unique in that it takes a number of different steps to ensure that the pastry doesn’t get soggy under the quiche filling. First, the recipe instructs you to pre bake the pastry crust. Next, the recipe then instructs you to egg wash the bottom of the crust, “waterproofing” it against the filling. These steps guarantee that your quiche will have a crispy, flaky crust!

This quiche recipe fits easily into your busy schedule.

Because quiche CAN be a time consuming baking project, I’ve provided several tricks to help you fit the recipe into your busy schedule. First, I give the option to bake the quiche with a store-bought crust, saving you the hassle of making a pastry dough from scratch. Next, I provide several suggestions on how you can make ahead certain elements (the pastry dough, the pre baked quiche crust, the mix-ins, and more).

This quiche recipe can be easily customized to suit your personal tastes and preferences.

Finally, I provide lots of different ingredient combinations for the mix-ins and fillings in order to help you customize your quiche. The recipe ensures that you can use different combinations of meat, cheese, and vegetables to make a quiche that truly suits your tastes. I’ve also provided several of my own favorite ingredient combinations to help you get inspired.

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