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I’m glad you’re here! I’m excited to tell you about some of the new developments I’ve got going on for Hummingbird High.

But first things first, let’s talk about something FUN. I’m heading to London at the end of the month to do a quick girl’s trip with my mom and her friends! So let me know if you have any fun recommendations for me? I’ve already got the following bakeries on my list: Arome Bakery, Panadera Bakery, and basically everything on this list of London’s best bakeries. But let me know if you have the inside scoop of what’s not to be missed!

Now, let’s talk about what’s new and upcoming on Hummingbird High. I’d love your feedback on everything below!

New Informational Blog Posts

First things first: if you subscribe to my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve published more “informational” type posts. What does that mean? Instead of posts that present you with a recipe (and all the info you need to make the recipe), I’ve started doing shorter posts WITHOUT recipes.

Instead, the posts answer basic questions like “How To Pre Bake Pie Crust” or “Can You Make Snickerdoodles Without Cream Of Tartar?” These are examples of some of the most frequently asked questions I get. And instead of answering all the questions individually, I want to refer folks to these Q&A type blog posts instead. It would free up a lot of my time and enable me to focus on what I love the most—developing recipes from scratch!

So check them out (I’ve linked to some below), and let me know what you think. Are they too basic? Conversely, are they TMI and TL/DR? Is there a burning baking question YOU have and want me to answer? Or would you rather I just stop and stick to just posting new recipes? Let me know!

Hummingbird High Reader Survey

It’s been a long time since my last reader survey, in which I officially ask you for your thoughts, opinions, and feelings about all things Hummingbird High. The last one I did was especially helpful. Your feedback allowed me to recalibrate the content on this blog and develop recipes that were more suitable for your lifestyle and needs

I think it’s long past due for another survey. So look out for it mid-month! I’ll post an announcement for the survey on my website, as well as my various social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So be sure to follow along so you don’t miss it—especially because completing the survey enters you into a sweepstakes for a $50 Amazon gift card!

In Case You Missed It: New Recipes and Posts

Here’s a list of everything new on my different Hummingbird High channels:

Below are pictures of the two most popular recipes from the month—Guava Cake and Any Kind Of Fruit Upside Down Cake—to inspire you:

slices of upside down cake on a gold wire rack

Food For Thought

This past month, I also spent a LOT of time thinking and reading about food beyond the baking recipes you see on this blog. Here are the ideas and issues that resonated with me:

Recipes and Resources To Save

Here are the recipes and resources I saved for myself in the last month:

  • Ube Basque Cakes in Food & Wine. I am INTRIGUED by this recipe for ube basque cakes from Kasama, the world’s first Michelin starred Filipino restaurant (which I definitely plan on going to if I’m ever in Chicago). The instructions are a little hard to decipher, though—I wish they’d included step-by-step process photos (or even a video)! I’ll have to add it to my ever growing “To Bake” list.

  • “Let’s Talk About Carmy’s Cookbook Collection” in Eater San Francisco. Is anybody else obsessed with Hulu’s new show about a fine dining chef who takes over his brother’s old hole in the wall restaurant, The Bear? I mean, I’ve had a crush on Jeremy Allen White since Shameless, lol. He plays a chef who used to work at Noma and The French Laundry, and often has piles of cookbooks in his book and restaurant. I loved this obsessive article breaking down this fictional character’s cookbook collection. I definitely want to check out some of the ones he has!

Finally, On A Lighthearted Note

Man, I got served some hilarious TikToks this month. I’d love to share them with you:

That’s all for now, folks. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy! Please let me know how you’re doing in the comments below, and feel free to share the ideas and issues that are floating around in your heads, too.


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Weeknight Baking:
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Over the past several years of running Hummingbird High, I kept a crucial aspect of my life hidden from my readers: I had a full-time, extremely demanding job in the tech world. In my debut cookbook, Weeknight Baking, I finally reveal the secrets to baking delicious desserts on a tight schedule.