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April was an incredibly busy month for me. I’ve finally started catching up with old friends again (and getting amazing desserts like the Caramel Cornflake Sundae you see above). I’ve also been playing around with TikTok a LOT (see more below). I’ve been sharing baking tips, recipes, and even trying out and reviewing different store-bought desserts. While it’s been fun, I can already tell that I can’t keep up the crazy pace and need to slow down.

Which is why I’m especially excited about my upcoming vacation to Berlin at the end of the month! Erlend and I will be heading to Germany for a week with two of our good friends. This vacation will mark the first time I’ve left the North American continent (not the country—I did go to Canada last month, after all) since early 2020. Wild, right?

And unlike other vacations, we don’t have too much planned for trip yet. So if you have any good restaurant, bar, or general recommendations in Berlin, send them my way!

In Case You Missed It: New Recipes and Posts on Hummingbird High

I mentioned earlier that I’d been experimenting with a lot of TikTok content. I did a handful of “deep-dives” on the app, in which I shared some of my best baking tips for making chocolate chip cookies, pie, and more. Check them out below!

A Deep-Dive Into Chocolate Chip Cookies

A Deep-Dive Into Pie Crust

Baking Lessons and Tips

Store-Bought Dessert Reviews

And in case you missed it, I published the following new recipes and posts on Hummingbird High. Here’s a round-up of everything I posted:

New and Updated Recipes

Below are pictures of the two most popular recipes from the month—My Best Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and Ruby Chocolate Blondies—to inspire you:

A photo of chocolate chip cookies on a gold sheet pan.
photo of blondies stacked on a white plate

Food For Thought

This past month, I also spent a LOT of time thinking and reading about food beyond the baking recipes you see on this blog. Here are the ideas and issues that resonated with me:

Recipes and Resources To Save

Here are the recipes and resources I saved for myself in the last month:

photo of four books on wood floor

New Cookbooks To Try

This month, a handful of friends and acquaintances published their cookbooks! I was lucky enough to receive copies of their works and was impressed by it all. Here’s everything I got:

Finally, On A Lighthearted Note

That’s all for now, folks. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy! Please let me know how you’re doing in the comments below, and feel free to share the ideas and issues that are floating around in your heads, too.


Michelle holding Weeknight Baking cookbook covering her face.

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Weeknight Baking:
Recipes to Fit your Schedule

Over the past several years of running Hummingbird High, I kept a crucial aspect of my life hidden from my readers: I had a full-time, extremely demanding job in the tech world. In my debut cookbook, Weeknight Baking, I finally reveal the secrets to baking delicious desserts on a tight schedule.