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I wish I had a happy update for you guys, but the political happenings of the last month pretty much crushed me. SCOTUS officially overturning Roe v. Wade overshadowed even the good parts of the month (which included celebrating my 35th birthday).

If I’m being honest with you guys, it’s been increasingly hard for me to find inspiration and joy in the last few years. Between the pandemic, various climate related disasters (Remember how the wild fires in the summer of 2020 motivated me and Erlend to sell my old house to buy a new one with better windows and a modern HVAC system? Or when our car caught on fire during a “freak” ice storm? Or last summer’s “heat dome”?), and the dire politics of this country, baking and this space doesn’t really provide the escape that it used to. And the fact of the matter is that I agree with this TikTok video wholeheartedly: #stitch with @debtcollective ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

So, yeah, I don’t really have too much to say. I’m sorry for being so negative. I really, truly hope that next month will be better.

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Below are pictures of the two most popular recipes from the month—How To Make Pie Crust In A Stand Mixer and Milk Bar Birthday Cake—to inspire you:

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Food For Thought

This past month, I also spent a LOT of time thinking and reading about food beyond the baking recipes you see on this blog. Here are the ideas and issues that resonated with me:

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Finally, On A Lighthearted Note

Sometimes, especially now, it can be really easy to be ungrateful and dismissive of what the United States has to offer (especially when compared to other developed countries). So I very much appreciated this Reddit thread asking non-Americans about their favorite American foods. Seconding all the gushing for barbecue, diner breakfasts, and biscuits!

That’s all for now, folks. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy! Please let me know how you’re doing in the comments below, and feel free to share the ideas and issues that are floating around in your heads, too.