By the time you read this, I’ll hopefully have finished the manuscript for Weeknight Baking. Don’t get too excited though — I still have another month to finish up my photos (of which there are a LOT to do) before I can really relax. But for now, I’m spending the weekend with a bottle of rose, catching up on all the exercise I missed this week (I hurt my left arm and couldn’t fully extend it for FIVE FREAKING DAYS), and returning all the ill-fitting clothes I panic-bought for my birthday. I know that those plans probably don’t sound great to you, but they’re everything I want right now.

Although Erlend and I don’t have any formal 4th of July plans, I did make this awesome American flag cake to celebrate the occasion. Be sure to check it out on Crate & Barrel’s blog, where I include a step-by-step tutorial (complete with GIFs!) on how to build the cake and cover it in the dreamiest chocolate fudge frosting (which will actually be in my book, don’t tell my editor, shhhh).

Happy (almost) 4th of July, friends!!!