Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I’ve got two great recipes for a “Date Brunch In” with your significant other on Crate and Barrel’s awesome blog (you can also read about me and Erlend arguing about brunch, but let’s be honest — we’re all here for the tacos and waffles).

For savory brunch eaters, I’m going all the way back to my Texas roots and giving you a classic Tex-Mex breakfast dish — breakfast tacos filled with crispy “smashed” potatoes, bacon, cheesy eggs, and all your regular taco fixings:

For sweet brunch lovers, I’ve got a really incredible recipe for these beautiful heart-shaped (Or maybe flower-shaped??? It’s almost like a Rorschach test or something) mochi waffles. The mochi in the waffles makes them extra crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside; no regular waffle can ever compete. And when topped with warm, fresh cherry brandy compote?

It’s the perfect brunch treat:


Breakfast Tacos with Crispy “Smashed” Potatoes, Bacon, and Cheesy Egg
Mochi Waffles with a Cherry Brandy Compote