Whenever I bake a loaf of banana bread, I immediately binge on half the loaf and almost make myself sick. I push it away after feeling a little cracked out from all that sugar and promptly declare that I’m doing something healthy next, like going on a run or something. The half eaten banana bread gets buried in the back of my fridge until I remember it again and get excited about the fact that I HAVE BANANA BREAD OMG. All this ends in disappointment when I realize that the loaf has turned stale and flavorless in the fridge, and I halfheartedly attempt to finish the dried out loaf all the while wondering why I just didn’t finish it when it was still in its prime.

This same cycle happened literally every time I made banana bread. But then a few months ago, Ashlae posted this banana bread french toast recipe that pretty much, well, changed my life. And I hate it when people claim that recipes change their life — because, I mean, really? But in this case, Ashlae *actually* broke my weird banana bread cycle and taught me to repurpose that stale banana bread into French toast. Cooked in butter and topped with maple syrup, that stale banana bread crisps up, caramelizes, and basically comes ALIVE again.

My own version of the recipe is over on West Elm’s awesome blog, where I’ll be sharing a breakfast recipe every Friday throughout the month. All the recipes are perfect for an Easter brunch situation, so be sure to keep track and check it out!

Banana Bread French Toast Recipe

fishs eddy gilded brunch plates || laguiole steak knife || le creuset raymond loewy skillet || gold cake and knife set || low serving bowl || universal expert silicone utensils || copper flatware