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August 5, 2013

1st Column:

2nd Column:
  • My friend Michelle taking a picture of my friend Emily
  • Prepped egg yolks for a 4th of July lemon tart
  • Macarons from Nuvrei, my favorite bakery in town
  • My coworker Jeff playing video games at the big screen at work (we're hiring!)
  • My cat, looking overwhelmed by the big empty bed
  • The artwork welcoming me to my new house
  • Trees at Laurelhurst Park
  • This mixed berry cornmeal cake, pre-baked
  • The beautiful interior of Grassa, the hottest new pasta place in Portland
  • Forest Park, taken during a hiking work offsite activity


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  1. Such fun! Love this roundup. Looks like you had a fabulous July!

  2. I just tried macaroons recently for the 1ST TIME! They were amazing and so light. I'll have to try that bakery.

    1. It's my favorite in Portland! NW 9th and Flanders, I think.

  3. I have only had one macaron in my life. It was from Nuvrei and I did not like it. I honestly don't even know what the flavor was though, it just tasted weird. I'm sure it was the flavor and not macarons in general though because everyone always talks about how amazing they are. I should try again. What are your favorite flavors?

    1. Hm... if you're not a big nut person, you might not be a fan? Macarons are basically almond flour, egg whites, and sugar. I'm a big fan of the strawberry-rose, passionfruit, and chocolate flavors at Nuvrei.

  4. Your fatty cat looks so huggable and relaxed! I love how you take such lovely shots capturing life from all sorts of places (work, cooking, dining out, home with the kitty). All my photos are just all food- I am going to take your inspiration and try to take more of life in general, not just what I eat.

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