See these onions below?

Remember that scene in The Great Gatsby (book or movie, it doesn’t matter which and I won’t judge you if you say the latter), where Gatsby’s throwing all these shirts at Daisy and Daisy starts sobbing because she’s “never seen such beautiful shirts before”?

Well, every time I look at that picture of onions, I nearly start sobbing. I just want to clutch them to my face, against my nose, and bawl, “But I’ve never seen such beautiful onions before!”

Did I weird everybody out just now? If so, I’ll shut up and let the pictures speak for themselves. But one last thing before I go — can I just say that I love this city? I’m incredibly lucky to live in a city that grows such beautiful, abundant, produce so nearby and brings it all to the city to boot.

You’ll probably see one of these posts every week, so I’ll apologize in advance for flooding you with pictures of produce and small eats at the Portland Farmer’s Market:

Also, apparently it’s artichoke season!

Again, I’ve never seen… such… beautiful… artichokes before. *cue sob*

Also, golden beets? Has anybody ever had these before?

They’re a beautiful color. I’m intrigued by them but also intimidated, since I hardly know what to do with a regular beet in the first place.

Also, what is this mysterious object? Ten points for Gryffindor (look at me, dropping all these literary references today!) if you can tell me what this vegetable is:

And finally, a Portland Farmer’s Market insider’s tip. One of my favorite vendors at the market is Two Tarts Bakery. They sell a variety of bite-sized baked goods for .85 cents a pop!

Two Tarts Bakery also uses ingredients and flavors that are fresh and in season. Like these strawberry-basil macarons:

That’s all for now. I’m already daydreaming of next week’s farmer’s market. Have a great weekend everybody!