I have a confession: contrary to popular belief, cupcakes are not my favorite baked good. Yep. Even though this blog primarily revolves around cupcakes, here’s the truth — while I love cupcakes, when push comes to shove and I’m presented a plate of baked goods in front of me, I will pick donuts over cupcakes.

There, I said it.

Last Friday, a bunch of my friends got excited text messages from me containing nothing but pictures of homemade donuts. Because guess what’s happened? I finally shelled out the $9.99 and purchased myself a Wilton 6-Cavity Donut Pan.

I’m actually on the fence about whether or not donuts should be classified as a “baked” good, because, most of the time, donuts are deep fried. But no matter. Since my deep frying skills are pretty lacking, I decided to try my hand at baking them instead.

Admittedly, while baked donuts are missing the magic of being deep fried, I still like me some baked cake donuts. I do have a soft spot for Starbucks’ old fashioned donut. Safeway’s is pretty good too. What classy establishments I frequent, eh?

But before I get distracted by inventoring where I like to get donuts, back to the story. As I was telling my future housemate Julie about my donut baking plans, she guffawed. “Baked donuts? That sounds like a cooking foible right there.”

Pshhh… haters gonna hate! She was quickly convinced of its merits after I furiously text messaged (read: assaulted) her with various Instagram photos detailing my baked donut venture:

See those legit looking donuts above? Those are homemade. They are vanilla cake donuts with a pink rosewater glaze.



Nom nom nom.

But anyway stay tuned, folks! I’ll be experimenting with baked cake donut recipes in the future and be posting recipes soon.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the following scene of DONUT CARNAGE: