Guys, I found out this morning that my blog was selected as a finalist in Saveur Magazine’s Best Food Blog Awards!

Selection for the award is done by nominations by readers on the internet and the Saveur community. I remember seeing some tweets when the competition first opened up, but quite frankly, I’m don’t even remember if I even nominated myself. There are so many talented food bloggers out there — I figured there was no way I would even make the final cut. I closed out of the window and promptly forgot about the competition.

So when I saw that Saveur magazine’s tweet that I was one of the finalists for the Best Desserts & Baking Blog this morning, I was… dare I say, stunned? I received the notice when I had just arrived at work, and literally stood at my computer frozen in shock in the middle of taking off my cycling jacket. ME? My blog? A FINALIST for the award for the Best Desserts & Baking Blog?! WHAT?! I also saw that I was in the company of some heavyweight dessert bloggers, whose work I was already subscribed to in my RSS feed and admired. Honestly, I’m just incredibly honored to be even considered in the league of Bakers Royale, Desserts for Breakfast, Honey and Jam, Joy the Baker, and Top with Cinnamon. I think it’s safe to say that I’m definitely the underdog of the category!

The winner will of the award will again be decided by the community’s votes, so vote for me! Voting starts from today through midnight next Friday on April 19th. Admittedly, I don’t expect to win, but you never know. All in all, I’m just really happy and proud that I was even considered for this award — thank you guys for reading and paying attention to this blog. I couldn’t have done it without you all.