Topping Yo' Cupcakes with Chrysanthemums!

March 10, 2012

A few weeks ago, my Crossfit buddy pinned up a pin on Pinterest detailing how to decorate your cupcakes to look like chrysanthemums. The steps looked easy enough, so I decided to try it at home:

photo by kimothy from kimothyjoyeats

Looks good, right?

The steps are pretty simple:
  1. Start with some mini marshmallows, some bottles of different colored decorative sugars, and a Ziploc sandwich bag with a seal. You don't necessarily have to use Ziploc -- I used some weird ones from Ikea that have a yellow retro pattern -- just as long as the bag has a seal.

  2. Pour some sugar in the Ziploc bag. You can even go crazy and mix up different colors -- I mixed up red, pink, and blue, hoping to get some sort of purple effect.

  3. With a pair of kitchen scissors, cut the mini marshmallows diagonally and place in the bag with some decorative sugars. Give the bag a good shake -- the sugar should only stick to the cut part.

  4. Use your frosting to attach the marshmallows onto the cupcake in a chrysanthemum flower pattern. I recommend using a vanilla buttercream frosting, but you can also use cream cheese frosting like I did. The best way to do this is to frost the entire cupcake top, and then arrange the marshmallows by pressing them into the frosting immediately after before it crusts:

And voila! There you have it. Chrysanthemum cupcakes, easy as pie. You can make a huge variety of flowers -- feel free to play around with different colors and patterns and see what looks best!

For instance, here is one with multi-colored sugar:

Or here is another one by my friend Kimothy. She decided to leave some of the marshmallows unsugared, resulting in a white petaled chrysanthemum:

Very cool! This is a neat, effortless recipe that I'll definitely try again in the future.


  1. Wow those are incredible looking Michelle. But tell the truth, did you really eat all those marshmallows?

  2. wow Michelle...very creative and soooo beautiful!


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