Hi! I'm Michelle. I believe in eating welltraveling often, and biking everywhere. I've lived in four different countries and once spent the summer biking across the country from Maine to Washington state. 

I started this blog after moving to Denver, Colorado in order to get the hang of high-altitude baking — you can read more about the blog's beginnings in my About section. But since then, I've moved back to my favorite city of Portland, Oregon San Francisco, California New York City Portland, Oregon where I'm still baking up a storm. 

I love straightforward recipes with simple ingredients — I'm a firm believer of the fact that you can make delicious and beautiful food with unpretentious and unfussy ingredients. That being said, while I like to think the majority of recipes in this blog are accessible, I'm prone to occasionally indulging in unexpected flavors, quirky combinations, and challenging undertakings. I blame the years I spent in San Francisco living next to Humphrey Slocombe's ice cream parlor. Oh, and my lady crush on Christina Tosi from Momofuku Milk Bar.

If you have any more questions, check out my FAQ page. Any other thoughts, comments, and considerations can be emailed to


yes please always foods
any kind of meat bun // fried chicken // avocados // pork belly // brussel sprouts // sweet potatoes // peking duck // leeks // caramel flan // brownies // eggplant // donuts

no thank you always foods
blue cheese // turkey // salad // sandwiches // negronis // beans

things i love always
my cat // the talking heads // snacks // fall // palindromes // flossing my teeth // harry potter

things i like sometimes
making pie // riding my bicycle // crossfit // taylor swift // the new york times // my boyfriend // the internet

things i hate always
people when they're not polite // waiting in line // brunch // snow // small plates restaurants // driving // board games // puzzles

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