the best mother's day brunch recipes on hummingbird high

The Best Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes on Hummingbird High

Let’s keep things short and sweet: if you’re a baker looking for the best Mother’s Day brunch recipes, you’re in luck! Mother’s Day is this weekend and I’ve scoured my recipe archive for the muffins, breakfast pastries, and showstoppers so YOU don’t have to. There’s something here for everybody, with a range of cakes, pastries, and even small batch bakes perfect for a small celebration!

Best Mother’s Day Brunch Muffin Recipes

Small Batch Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

These small batch banana chocolate chip muffins makes 6 muffins packed with bananas, sour cream, brown sugar, and of course, mini chocolate chips! Each muffin has a super domed and tall crispy muffin top studded with chocolate chips.

Blueberry Cornflake Muffins

Blueberry cornflake muffins have a super light and moist blueberry muffin base and are topped with a crunchy cornflake streusel topping. The cornflake streusel takes the muffin tops to the next level, giving each muffin a signature crunch from the cornflakes and a slight caramel flavor from the brown sugar streusel.

Small Batch Cranberry Orange Muffins

small batch cranberry orange muffins
small batch cranberry orange muffins

This small batch cranberry orange muffin recipe makes only FOUR muffins! Each cranberry orange muffin has a distinctive tall and domed sugary muffin top laced with cranberries. But the muffins are packed with lots of orange flavor, too! This is thanks to both fresh orange zest and orange juice soaked dried cranberries in the batter.

Small Batch Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

small batch lemon poppy seed muffins

These small batch lemon poppy seed muffins are soft and tender, and filled with lots of poppy seeds and tangy lemon buttermilk flavor. The recipe makes bakery style muffins, with super tall and domed crispy muffin tops. Similar to the cranberry orange muffin recipe above, this recipe only makes FOUR muffins!

Levain Bakery Blueberry Muffins

levain bakery blueberry muffins

The famous Levain Bakery in New York City inspired me to make these copycat Levain Bakery blueberry muffins! Why? Their blueberry muffins have sky-high domes, super wide and crispy muffin tops, and a generous sprinkling of sugar that gives each muffin top texture and crackle. 

Best Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes: Simple Cakes

Blood Orange Drizzle Cake

This blood orange drizzle cake is extremely moist, thanks to LOTS of freshly-squeezed blood orange juice! It’s a triple threat in terms of flavor, with blood orange in the loaf cake batter, drizzle, AND glaze. 

Blueberry Breakfast Cake

blueberry breakfast cake

This blueberry breakfast cake is a fresh, seasonal, and modern take on a traditional coffee cake recipe. The light and fluffy breakfast cake has a generous amount of blueberries, with a buttery, crunchy streusel and milk glaze. 

Monkey Bread Recipe In A Loaf Pan

This monkey bread recipe makes a super soft and gooey, caramel-drenched, pull apart cinnamon sugar brioche loaf! While most monkey bread recipes typically instruct you to make the recipe in in a bundt pan, I instruct you to make the monkey bread in a loaf pan. You get a smaller batch of monkey bread, perfect for serving 4 to 6 people! 

Orange Olive Oil Cake

orange olive oil cake

Orange olive oil cake is a unique, sophisticated dessert cake that’s guaranteed to impress! The cake is light, moist, and incredibly flavorful. Fresh orange zest and juice brings out the olive oil’s citrusy and floral notes.

Best Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes: Breakfast Pastries

Bread Pudding With Bourbon Sauce

bread pudding with bourbon sauce

This bread pudding with bourbon sauce recipe layers the bread pudding with multiple layers of bourbon sauce, resulting in a super flavorful pudding with a sugar crust! The best part? The bourbon sauce is super simple and made with just three ingredients: brown butter, brown sugar, and bourbon.

Small Batch Cinnamon Rolls

small batch cinnamon rolls

This small batch cinnamon rolls recipe makes only FOUR cinnamon rolls. The recipe makes the lightest, fluffiest, and pillowy-soft rolls you’ll ever taste. I make the cinnamon rolls with both buttermilk in the dough and cream cheese the frosting, giving them a subtle-yet-flavorful tang. 

Liège Waffles

Liège waffles are a type of Belgian waffle made from yeasted brioche dough and studded with pearl sugar. When you bake the waffle dough, the pearl sugar caramelizes like the sugar on top of crème brûlée!

Mini Pancake Cereal Recipe

pancake cereal recipe

This mini pancake cereal recipe is made with lots of crispy, mini pancakes! Every spoonful is filled with bites of super crispy and buttery pancake, all slathered in butter and maple syrup to boot.

Small Batch Pecan Sticky Buns

small batch pecan sticky buns

These small batch pecan sticky buns are similar to traditional cinnamon rolls, but topped with a sticky caramel pecan topping instead of traditional frosting. The recipe only makes 6 buns!

Best Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes: Showstopping Centerpieces

6 Inch Cheesecake Recipe

6 inch cheesecake recipe

This 6 inch cheesecake recipe makes a mini version of classic, New York style cheesecake! Despite its smaller size, this cheesecake still packs a punch with three layers: buttery graham cracker crust, dense and creamy cream cheese filling, and tart and tangy sour cream topping.

My Best Banana Bundt Cake Recipe

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Burnt Basque Cheesecake

My best banana bundt cake recipe makes a super moist and flavorful banana bundt cake packed with brown sugar, ripe bananas, and sour cream. To top it all off, the cake is drizzled with a fun and easily customizable salty honey glaze!

Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake

This Kentucky bourbon butter cake recipe makes an incredibly buttery and moist buttermilk bundt cake. The cake is drenched in a boozy, sugary, Kentucky bourbon whiskey glaze.

Lemon Pudding Cake

This lemon pudding cake is light, airy, and plenty tangy and zippy thanks to a layer of lemon curd at its base! The cake is made with a soufflé-like sponge cake that sits on top of creamy lemon pudding.

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