What is Weeknight Baking?

A few years ago, I announced that I was working on my first cookbook, Weeknight Baking. The book tells the story of how I balanced baking for this wonderful space, Hummingbird High, with my day job as a software engineer. As a result, I didn’t have much time to bake—in fact, all I had were weeknights. To bake for my blog, I frequently found myself gravitating towards desserts recipes that came together quickly and easily… or coming up with ways to make more elaborate recipes work over the course of several weeknights.

Weeknight Baking contains all my favorite “fast” baking recipes (specifically, ones that take less than 30 minutes to make), as well as all the secret tricks, techniques, and shortcuts I have to make elaborate and complicated recipes for layer cakes and lattice pies more accessible within a busy schedule. The best part? 90% of these recipes are brand new and exclusive to the book itself—no repeats or recycled recipes from Hummingbird High (Because what is the point of paying for something you already get for free?! I get it!). All in all, Weeknight Baking contains 80+ baking and desserts recipes (each complete with its own color image!), all accessible to make on any night of the week you want.

The book is officially out in stores on October 29th, but it would mean the world to me if you pre-ordered a copy on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, or the indie bookseller of your choice. But I also know that a single book is $35, and that’s a lot of money to pay in advance of something you haven’t even thumbed through or seen in real life.

So what if I gave you an advanced copy… FOR FREE?

Join the #weeknightbakingbook Launch Team!

In exchange for a free advanced copy of Weeknight Baking, I’m looking for a handful of folks to help get the word out about Weeknight Baking.

What does that mean?

I’ll send YOU an advanced copy of Weeknight Baking a FULL MONTH before it officially comes out.

But in order to receive a copy, I need you to tell the world about Weeknight Baking in these three ways:

    1. Post one recipe from Weeknight Baking on your Instagram feed anytime before October 29th, 2019.
      You’ll need to bake at least ONE recipe from the book and post the final product on your Instagram feed with the hashtag #weeknightbakingbook. May I suggest the Single Lady Chocolate Chip Cookie, which comes together in less than 15 minutes (with Baking Time!) and makes one single monster of a cookie meant for you (and only you!)?
    1. Post one Instagram Story explaining the concept and story of Weeknight Baking anytime before October 29th, 2019.
      I want to hear about why you’re excited about the book in your own words, and why Weeknight Baking matters to you and your life.
  1. Post one picture of Weeknight Baking itself with the cover on full display on your Instagram feed OR Instagram Stories before October 29th, 2019.
    I want to see my book in different kitchens, countertops, book shelves, and coffee tables, across the world.

And of course, you’ll need to tag me, @hummingbirdhigh, on all the posts so I can regram you on both @hummingbirdhigh and our exclusive Instagram account, @weeknightbaking (more below!).

Benefits to #weeknightbakingbook Launch Team Members

In addition to an advanced copy of Weeknight Baking, you get to officially join the #weeknightbakingbook secret society launch team with the following perks:

    • Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Stories

I’ve set up a private Instagram account, @weeknightbaking, where I’ll be posting exclusive behind-the-scenes stories about the book that won’t be found anywhere else (because shit definitely went down when I was writing the book, and I want to #realtalk). This account is SO exclusive that the only folks allowed to join are launch team members—I’m not even giving my own mom access (sorry, mom, love you, lol)!

    • Extra Weeknight Baking Recipes

I’ll be sharing all the extra recipes that didn’t make it into the book exclusively on @weeknightbaking by way of Instagram Story videos and feed photo recipes!

    • A Super Fast Hotline for All Your Burning Baking Questions (#weeknightbakingbook related or otherwise!) 

Through the account, you’ll be able to directly DM me with any questions you have about baking, life, love, and whatever else is on your mind. I get flooded with messages and DMs everyday, but the #weeknightbakingbook launch team will be my first priority. Seriously, this is your chance to AMA.

    • A Special Thank You Care Package

Furthermore, once Weeknight Baking is officially out in October, I’ll send each member of the launch team who completes all the requirements above a care package of my favorite #weeknightbakingbook tools and ingredients.

    • REALLY Freaking Good Odds to to Win A Brand New KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I’ll also be giving away a brand new KitchenAid stand mixer to a lucky launch team member, chosen at random via a #weeknightbakingbook launch team sweepstakes. Every post you do that’s related to Weeknight Baking on Instagram will earn you a new entry to the giveaway (just be sure to use the hashtag #weeknightbakingbook so I can keep track). This means that the more you post about the book, the higher your chances of winning a brand new mixer are! But that’s not even that important, because #realtalk: I only have a handful of advanced copies to give away, so there’s only going to be a small number of folks on the #weeknightbakingbook launch team. That means that even if you do the bare minimum of three posts, the odds of winning a new stand mixer are very, very much in your favor.

How to Qualify for the #weeknightbakingbook Launch Team

To join the #weeknightbakingbook launch team, all you need to do is fill out this form:


It’s only five questions long (actually, four—one of the questions is extra-credit and not mandatory). It will literally take you less than a minute to fill the form out.

And here’s the rub: I don’t care what part of the world you’re in, how many followers you have, or if you’re a long-time reader or brand new fan of Hummingbird High. All I’m looking for are folks who are PASSIONATE about baking, interested in using #weeknightbakingbook as a resource to find the time to bake, and help spread the word about doing so. My only rule is that applicants MUST have a public Instagram account so that your posts are visible to everybody on the app (that means your content and account will be visible to folks that don’t follow you).

I only have a handful of advanced copies to giveaway, so membership to the #weeknightbakingbook launch team will be very, VERY limited (see what I mean by secret society?). SO DON’T HESITATE, and fill out the form ASAP because the application process closes this Friday, on September 13th. That’s less than FIVE days from now! I’ll notify #weeknightbakingbook launch team members on September 16th.

Let’s do this, y’all.