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November 14, 2015

above: donut and coffee hour, oh yeah!
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This Week's Menu
(yeah, living the raw deal — three course meal!)

by Chef Jessica of How Sweet It Is

by Chef Stephanie of i am a food blog

by Chef Alana of Fix Feast Flair



…  this is how we do it — PIE EDITION!  …
  • A taste test of the different baking fats (butter, shortening, lard, etc.) in pies. SPOILER ALERT: butter wins. As if there was ever any real competition.
  • Wondering why your pie crust shrank? Probably this.
  • All the best pie crust advice in one place.

…  take me on a trip i’d like to go some day  …

…  questions of science, science and progress  …

… if you are who you say you are — a super star …

And finally, some food-related links that I couldn’t find any lyrics to match with:

Have a good weekend folks! Don't forget to comment with any links, GIFs, or recipes I might have missed.

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