It's the Weekend, It's the Weekend!

June 27, 2015

above: breakfast with Izy of Top with Cinnamon fame at The Modern Pantry;
below: a chocolate custard donut from Bread Ahead in Old Spitalfields Market
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Hi everybody!

Keeping today's update short and sweet — currently I'm in Amsterdam for my sister's wedding and the days have been busy, busy, busy.

Have a great weekend!


This Week's Menu
(yeah, living the raw deal — three course meal!)

by Chefs Beau and Matt of Probably This

by Chef Gabriel of Artful Desperado

by Chef Thalia of Butter and Brioche



...  all you need is love ...

...  this is how we do it ...

...  questions of science, science and progress ... 

...  who run da world?! GIRLS ... 
  • "Three things happen when [women] are in the lab; you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them they cry." — Tim Hunt, Nobel Prize-winning biochemist and last week's biggest jerk. But thankfully, these lady scientists aren't letting him get them down. Who's crying now, Tim?

...  i guess every superhero need his theme music ... 
...  dear sir or madam, will you read my book ...
  • Both Alanna and Sarah have wonderful blog posts this week describing the shadowy, mysterious behind-the-scenes process of writing a cookbook. We need more posts like these!

...  now we got problems and i don't think we can solve them ... 


Have a good weekend, folks! Don't forget to comment with any links, gifs, or recipes I might have missed!


  1. i love reading behind the scenes posts for anything (blogging, cheese making, disneyland secrets, more random things), but learning more about cookbook writing processes has made me so much more appreciative of what cookbook authors do. looking forward to hopefully seeing a hummingbird high cookbook someday! (;

  2. Have FUN in Amsterdam, Michelle! xoxo (and great links, of course! <3 )

  3. So interesting thanks for sharing! It's definitely been a busy week haha!

  4. Thanks for the love bb! I'm also super into this Shit Food Blogger column :D

  5. Isn't it awesome that that idiotic biologist with his egomaniacal sexist nonsense got fired? And we get a hilarious internet fun-times thang to go with it ! Double win.

    Thanks for sharing my article also!

  6. Weddings are always busy hey! Well I just have to say I love the crab and fried green tomato ceviche recipe in your link. It is an awesome and easy starter!

  7. Rachel | La Pêche FraîcheJune 29, 2015 at 6:13 PM

    OMG that donut... major cravings!! On a more serious note, Tim Hunt was actually making a joke during his speech and it has turned into a terribly out of context witch hunt that resulted in one of the world's leading cancer scientists losing his job and funding... Thought you might like to know! ( )

  8. Very nice photo. Which camera are you using?
    I love Cookies and Cream Crumb Cake

  9. butter and briocheJuly 14, 2015 at 8:36 PM

    Was just doing a recap of your blog Michelle and can't believe I missed this post. Thanks for the mention gorgeous Xx


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