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This weekend, I’m a photographer for Feast, a food and drink festival in Portland presented by Bon Appetit. There are a ton of fun events and classes featuring our best local chefs and others from across the country; be sure to follow my Instagram account and my Twitter handle to keep up with festival happenings in real-time.

For now, here are some photos of sandwich bites from this past Thursday’s Widmer Brothers Brewing Sandwich Invitational, presented by Dave’s Killer Bread. The weather gods played nice, and despite the threatening gray clouds overhead, not a single drop of rain was felt. With 14 sandwiches, there was a lot to choose from:

The photos above show the slow roasted duck & foie bahn mi from the local and beloved Bunk Sandwiches (I did a feature of Bunk recently — check it out!).

Up top was one of my favorite sandwiches of the evening, which was from Lardo, another local superstar specializing in sandwiches.

Lardo was serving up a mini pork burger topped with dirty mustard, peaches, American cheese and arugula. Tasty and hearty but compact, it was a solid entry for the Sandwich Invitational.

Above is another favorite of mine, this time from local Scandinavian restaurant, Broder, who served up gravlax, crispy chicken skin, pickled cucumber and skyr on crispy rye bread.

And now we have the winners. The Sandwich Invitational had two awards: the Judges’ Choice, and the Peoples’ Choice.

Kachka, a Russian restaurant who is a relatively newcomer to the Portland food scene and has been dubbed the “Mission Chinese of Russian food”, won the Judges’ Choice award with their open-faced sandwich of smoked sprats, egg and smetana (an Eastern/Central European sour cream) on butter-fried toast:

And this is probably no surprise to folks, but the Peoples’ Choice award for the evening went to Salt and Straw, a local famed ice cream parlor known for their crazy flavors like smoked cherry and bone marrow ice cream and tomato water and olive oil sherbet.

They played it relatively safe at the Sandwich Invitational with a “PBJ” sandwich:

That is, an open-faced ice cream sandwich (of course) of bread grilled in butter topped with marionberry jam, peanut butter ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkled with homemade peanut butter Captain Crunch. I’m not even the world’s biggest fan of PBJs and I hoovered that thing like my life depended on it. It was that good. Here is Erin from Bakery Bingo, another Portland-based desserts blog, excitedly holding up her PBJ sundae:

And a few more sandwich pics for luck:

That’s all for now!

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