My Cupcakes Photographed Well (For Once): A Preview

January 23, 2012

As you all know, I'm a little bit photographically challenged on this blog. But progress is happening -- albeit slowly. I recently upgraded from taking pictures with my outdated iPhone camera to a Canon Rebel XSi, a legitimate DSLR recommended by my friend Julie of The Trans Life and Cooking Foibles. Coincidentally, the Rebel XSi is the same camera that super-elite food bloggers Coco from Roost and Hannah from Honey & Jam started out with.

Okay, sure... as you can see from the posts before this one, I haven't really figured out how to use the Canon yet. My pictures are in no way comparable to either Coco's or Hannah's -- at all. Who knew that photography was more than just getting a fancy camera? ...I'm half-kidding.


Lucky for me, my friend Kimothy is a professional wedding photographer. She's been in the business for years and even owns her own wedding photography studio -- Love n Joy Photography -- right here in Denver. Indeed, it was my lucky day when she decided that she wanted to expand her repertoire to include food photography; knowing I was an avid baker, she reached out and asked me to bake a couple goodies for her to photograph and help start her portfolio.

Here is a preview of her work:

My cupcakes! In the windowsill of my apartment's living room!

Is my apartment really that light and airy? Are my cupcakes really that precious and... pastel?

I mean, the above are cupcakes from a boxed mix -- Pillsbury Funfetti cupcakes, in fact -- with simple Hummingbird Bakery buttercream frosting (you can find the buttercream frosting recipe here) piped into rose and hydrangea shapes. The rosettes were easy to pipe -- you can click here for detailed instructions on how to pipe rosettes. The hydrangeas were a little bit tricker -- I found the instructions from I Am Baker's Hydrangea Cake recipe.

More to come.

And again, thank you, Kimothy, for the beautiful photos of my cupcakes!


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